And She’s Sick Again…..

I blame her surgeon.

After the surgery, he was optimistic.  “It’s all over – you won’t have the Crohn’s issues anymore” was his statement – over and over and over again.

A phrase I love is “throwing fate the finger”.  There is no way he would have known what will happen. And while I appreciated his optimism, I didn’t want her to stop worrying about the Crohn’s and get lax on her diet and all.  I wanted her to keep going on the treatments – keep pushing to get well.  Because given she has a disease – I knew it was not going to be gone because they removed part of that was a problem.

And now – now she knows too as does the surgeon.

The section he left behind that was “healthy” is basically showing signs of the same infection that landed her in the ER and eventually the ICU.    They have given her, not the prefered drug (given the severe side effects she has with it) but the second best drug.  If by Thursday morning it is not improved – it’s back to the hospital for her where they will pump her full of the drug she hates (and others) – and give her all of the support she needs to get through the side effects of them.

Fingers crossed, prayers, good energy, whatever ya’ got that she does not have to go through this again.   And my mom being my mom is trying to “power through it” by working yet.  This is another thing that worries me to death – she needs to slow down and let her body heal – not continue to push it.  And yes, I told her this pretty publicly too.

So we shall see where she lands.

A former cohort of mine recently asked what would happen with Crohn’s if we tossed a fraction of the research money that cancer gets at finding a cure.  I know his rhetorical question was due to his wife’s 5 month hospital visit after a Crohn’s flare-up.  I’m starting to wonder the same question now.


What do you think?

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