Vacuum Needed

Wanted: 1 Vacuum capable of sucking all of the negative people out of my life

Must be able to get rid of the idiot who causes all of his own problems, then dumps them onto me – not taking a hint that I don’t care nor do I want to talk about them.

Must be able to get rid of those that make mountains out of molehills, then get upset with me when I don’t join in the pity party of their own making.

Must be able to get rid of those who do not pull their own weight, then want a fucking gold star when they actually do something remotely related to work.

Must be able to suck up the negative energy people put into the air because of their own fears and issues.  Negative energy that brings people down – and keeps them from breathing.

Must not clog when the stubborn negative people try to hold onto their place of perch.

Must be deep cleaning.

Bonus – if it can get rid of the game players and those people who put their personal self interests above the right thing.

Extra bonus if, while it sucks up the negative, can add peace and positive energy back into the space.  If it can add laughter and happy and even hope that sad will get better.

If I find this vacuum, I will be willing to share it.  As cleaning up my own space is all I can do, but damn, does it feel like we need an energy enema to get rid of the crap blocking up the positive right now.

What do you think?

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