Ten Points for Tuesday

1. DJ took her high school placement exam at a private girls high school yesterday.  Wow – on so many levels – wow.  She did it. She didn’t freak out or shy away. I’m quite proud of her for jumping right in and doing it.  The hard part for her? All the girls there came with a friend.  So she was left being an observer of the situation.  She is not used to it.  But I pointed out that being an observer is sometimes the best thing.  You can learn more – and see more than when you are talking.  She agreed.  I love that kid.


3. Yesterday at work, they sent us home from work.  Why? The cold created a power outage in downtown – and even though they brought our building up on power, the systems were screwed up – network was down – and the HVAC was, well, not HVACing.  After several hours of attempts, they said screw it – and go home.  Fine with me. I did some work from home, then took DJ to her test. Worked for me.  Especially since I already have 3 days off this week.

4. I fly Wednesday morning at 6:20am. I’m doing better than normal about it. But still – send me energy and good  karma because, well, I will need what I can get.  I hate this. Ugh.

5. Maggie has reached ubber hard headed stage. Ignoring commands, selective hearing, etc.  Sadly, she is dealing with someone more hard headed than she is.  And the only thing that is upside? She gives up easily.

6. Being reminded of where things were at in my life a year ago makes my eyes leaky.  I have been inadvertently reminded of it – stumbling across memories and words of where things were at.  Needless to say, I keep reminding myself to surf to the emotional waves vs fight them.  Take the ups and the downs.  It’s all part of the process….isn’t that what I’m supposed to remember?

7. I love Gordon Ramsey and the Swedish Chef.

8. I am missing all of the kink parties this week. I hate that. I was looking forward to getting beaten again. I need it.

9. A past playmate just continues to rock it as my friend.  I hear from him almost every day.  Nothing can happen between us given the distance, but he makes me smile – just as he did when he was here.  The only thing missing is the italian coffee we would get – him a wonder shot of espresso and me a wonderful cappuccino – as we would talk about life and kink and swap stories.

10.  I spent yesterday keeping a migraine at bay.  My head hurt to the point where it was making me feel queasy.  As I sat in the cafe typing and sipping a coffee as DJ tested, I realized I needed to leave to find drugs.  I packed up my stuff and walked outside.  I got half a block away when I realized my phone was still sitting at the coffee bar at the cafe.  Fuck.  So I wandered back – and thankfully no one had seen it or sat near it.  Wouldn’t that have been ironic – I get my phone fixed after shattering the glass – only to lose it.  Given the cafe was on a college campus, I’m really surprised it didn’t walk away.  Guess I was lucky.

What do you think?

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