Photos: Time in the Sunshine

I love Coronado – the small island where the Naval base is located  – next to San Diego.  It’s a weird, odd, throwback of a town where everyone says hello that you pass on a walk, and where the police will stop a busy road of traffic and yell at the drivers for not letting you walk across the street.  All the sidewalks and streets are perfect.  The sand is cleaned of debris each day – no kelp on the shores here.  It’s an interesting place to travel.

Grandmother turned 100 years old as I mentioned last week.  So the family got together to celebrate.  Here are some photos I took while there.

birds of paradise – one of my favorite flowers
reflections on the beach


a sand dollar that is alive – they are purple when alive. we tossed him back into the water.
the shore near point loma


lighthouse above point loma
That statue at Point Loma


Navy Ship vs the Sailboat – a battle for rights in the channel
The National Cemetery located on Point Loma – it was beautiful.


Christmas Tree at the Hotel Del Coronado




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