Photo Expedition: Operation Recharge

In an attempt to recharge, G and I spent four hours today on a photo expedition.  Over the year, we have found little places to shoot.  Each one for different reasons. So today, we drove to three different locations – and hiked, climbed, explored – and I shot photos.

Taken from a trail in Forest Park called Ridge Trail. This trail requires you to park in a little wide spot off of a ramp onto and off of this bridge. Then you walk up along side the road until you find the stairs, hidden among ivy and trees. A steep climb up stairs covered in leaves and moss ends in a steep dirt trail that takes you higher until you reach a platform – a pseudo bridge with just the right view onto the bridge. This is the shot. We could have continued up higher, I’m sure – and I believe there is likely another place for another shot. But we decided to save it for another day.


Train trestle bridge on a windy road from highway 30 to Skyline Blvd called McNamee. This railroad bridge is pretty awesome.


It is an amazing wooden structure. Oh, and there are trolls under the bridge. Not like the Fremont Troll in Seattle, no these are painted trolls and some troll dolls affixed to the wooden trestles. Pretty cool stuff.


Oh, and I can’t forget my archeological find – doesn’t that look like a dildo to you?


I had seen photos of this mystery ship before, so we went searching for it. I knew it was Sauvie Island near the “clothing optional” beach. So, we drove out to that area of the island, picked a path to the beach and ta-da! We found it. This alien looking ship is actually the remains of a prototype for a self righting sailboat built in 1972. Depending on which story you hear, it either broke from it’s mooring as early as 1981 or as late as 1996 during flooding where it was swept along the river until it landed here. And this is where it has stayed since.
The amazing piece of graffiti on it.


A view from behind it – showing you how alien it looks and how close to the water it is but isn’t at the same time. For it to land here, the river must have been really high.


I love the moss and ferns growing on it. This one is growing around one of the port holes.


We climbed inside the ship – no small task given it is only a log leaned against the ship and the ground. It was steep and slick from the moss and mist. We got inside (but getting down out of it, for me, was another adventure) – and the view inside was amazing. I was intrigued by what I found – looked like a fun night.


The view from the beach


On the way off the island, we came across this falling down barn & stopped to take a look. I shot more photos of it. But this is one I liked as it shows the state of the structure. G actually climbed inside – over blackberry vines and through a small opening. He took a few amazing photos of the inside. Maybe next time I’ll follow as it seems like a pretty amazing structure.

So, did it work?

Was a able to recharge?

Jury is still out.  It was a nice distraction for while – exploring places we had heard of but hadn’t been able to see.  I guess time will tell.  I did enjoy the adventure.  But isn’t that what they say, sometimes its about the journey not the destination?

What do you think?

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