New Year’s Eve

Feel like I should have something insightful to say. Or I should be going through a list of what I want 2014 to bring.

But I am reminded of the story of the little boy who, when asked what he wanted to be when he grows us, he responded with “be happy”.

While I was thinking about this post, this image came across my computer….

This was written by Woody Guthrie  – his set of NY’s resolutions.  Click on it to see a bigger view so you can read it.

But I liked it.  I liked it a lot.  Because there are some good ones in there –

“Learn people better.”

“Wake up and fight”

“Love everybody”

“Dream good”

“Keep the hope machine running”

I think these are good ones – many are.

Because the New Year’s resolutions like: go on a diet or exercise more – they fall by the wayside pretty quickly.  Join a gym on 1-January and I can guarantee you that you will see the dropout rate by the middle of the month when it goes from overly busy to just busy.

But “Wake up and fight”  – well, that is a decision we can make each day.  Each day is a new chance to do it.  Just like “dream good”.   And let’s be honest – feeding the soul makes one more happy than feeding the body (or not feeding the body).  I’m sure that people will disagree – and I can see the argument for both – but to pick one above the other – feed the soul.  I guess that’s my point.

So, I guess I’m going to borrow some from Woody there.

Keep the hope machine running in 2014. And if it needs a jumpstart – look around, you’ll find something that should restart your hope machine.

Be safe out there tonight if you are going out.

I’ll be at home with the family ringing in the new year – and hopefully a new year of everyone in the house being well.

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