Just Another Manic Monday

But what if I don’t wish it were Sunday? (Given how my Sunday was.)  (click here for reference.)

It was 6 o’clock already, and I wasn’t in the middle of a dream, more like a nightmare.  A sick person upstairs getting up every 30 minutes to run for the bathroom – and one downstairs, in the bed I would be sleeping in, if he wasn’t doing the same thing.  This continued until 8am for one and God-knows-when for the other.

So when the alarm went off at 6am, I was going to toss it across the living room.  Because between the sick people and the dog who was pissed I was sleeping the couch, I had maybe  90 minutes of sleep by that point.

So I said fuck it – a true sick day for me….fuck work.  Because at 6am after having the bug myself and then not sleeping, I couldn’t tell if I was better, worse or the same.  All I knew…I was not going to work.

So, an hour later, I got up to send in the email notifying everyone of my gift to them – me not being there pestering them.  And I found out that everything that was supposed to happen during the 2 days off and on Sunday did NOT happen as planned.  And oh, by the way, my shit is still supposed to stay on track even though the rest was off the rails.  Seriously.

The out of office email turned into an out-of-office-but-what-the-fuck-is-going-on email to the head of the department.  Followed by an email to the team letting them know what they needed to do if, indeed, we were to punt and make this happen tomorrow as desired.  So much for going back to sleep.

I did manage to doze until the head of the department called to let me know that no one had an answer for me – tossed in with the admission that, “yeah, you did tell me this was the consequence if that release did not go.”  So, off he went to track people down – and back to email I went to herd the cats.

My saving graces in all of this?  The junior project manager I used to work with before the reorg and his brother who is an analyst on my project – both stepping up, telling me to go back to bed, and handling it.  I had thought they were both out – but nope – they were there and on top of it.  My heroes – both of them – and, for the record, there is a reason I love working with both of them.  And this is the big one – no territorial bullshit – no “not my job” bullshit – just two guys in their early twenties fresh out of college willing to step up and step in to get it done.  Quite refreshing in an atmosphere of “not my job”.

So while they handled the on-the-ground stuff, I handled the ants that only I could track down given my tribal knowledge.  Instead of a nap, I got to chase that shit down.  Not too hard, but not too fun either.  And in the middle of it all, run to the store for stomach bug type tummy-friendly stuff, run to the pet store for dog food, correcting the puppy, keeping Indigo off of YouTube and other stupid video sites, overseeing her making breakfast and lunch, and trying to do some other things for the upcoming kink weekend while monitoring email.

I spoke to some friends.  One cheered me up quite a bit with just our interaction. Our energy connection in full effect.  Another gave me updates on his weekend.  Another sent well wishes with hopes she didn’t catch it herself (I hope not either!)  And one was just checking.

I had hoped to get a nap in, but that didn’t happen despite my efforts.  So I said screw it and continued doing things.

Now, I’m making chicken noodle soup.  We have all the pieces, so I’m tossing it together into something that is hopefully edible for the sick ones.   While doing the dishes of course, because that is how this day is going.

I’m just hoping tonight for sleep.

I’m hoping tonight for no more illness – for it to be gone from this house.

I’m hoping tomorrow I wake up and feel good because there is a party I want to attend tomorrow – I’ve been looking forward to attending.

I’m hoping for a good day at work – and an even better New Year.

Here’s to hoping this day ends and is the low point in a week where everything else is good.

What do you think?

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