Happy Christmas!

I recall many many years ago reading “Happy Christmas” instead of the typical “Merry Christmas” and I liked it.  So excuse the adoption of it.  But I believe that while merry is good – happy is better.  Yeah, it’s a personal preference, if you will.

Christmas started early for me.  Today was the in-laws.  Tomorrow is my family followed by my side of the family. Nothing like following a morning with a long drive to see the other family.  Not my first choice, but it’s better than having it take over my weekend. I feel this month has been family month – and while my family is important to me – I’m done with them.  Sorry – there is such thing as too much, in my opinion.

I am done travelling – I’m done visiting – I’m done not being in my home. I just want to be here – with my family – and relaxing.  I want to sleep. I don’t want to move around doing twenty things that are all because what others want and not what I want or my family wants.

I think that’s my frustration with the holidays. Sometimes it is overtaken by obligation and expectation – not about friends and family – or chosen family.  And that is missing the point – the obligation overtaking the family things.  And when you have two sides vying for your time, it just gets worst.

Because here is my ideal.

A gathering of my friends and chosen family. Laughter, love, fun, and happy.  To eat and drink and be merry.  To not stress. To not worry. To not feel out of sorts trying to be something someone expects not what or who I am or you are.  That is my ideal.

Maybe one day.

But until then, laugh, love and be with those you care about.  And if you can’t be there, let them know they are in your thoughts – with you – as you are going about your day.  Because even if you can’t do what is your ideal – y0u can wish for it – and let those who should be, know.

That is my Christmas wish. Be more than you think you are. Realize you are important to someone and be that.

And to everyone who reads  – Happy Christmas!

And to those who I am fortunate enough to know personally – I love you all – and may your day be amazing.

Happy Christmas!

What do you think?

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