Bullets over Christmas Eve

Yeah, I don’t know. I’m not sure what I’m going to write about.  I am in this weird state where I have lots to say but can’t do it.  A weird situation.

So bullets it is.

  • I’m happy to be done with work this week. No work is what I need. This is the longest time off I’ve had in 2 years. I need it.
  • I feel like a smiley goon.  Why? Because I’m happy. I feel happy. I feel like I know where things stand. I am good..
  • This Christmas season has been a season of talking and forgiveness and reconnection for me.  Not just with SB but another person I have cared about in the past.  It’s kinda good.  Because a week ago, I would have told you that I was ready for this year to end.  I am still ready for it to end, but only because I think it is going to go from good to great.  Funny how some great communication will result in some optimism.
  • I got the date for the SEAF art submissions. I need to shoot my idea now.  I have some other shots but these – these will be interesting. Assuming I can do them.  It will take some organization and work. Hopefully I can find it and do it.
  • On my team is the sweetest developer in the whole company. Not only does she rock as a developer – she is an amazing woman. She is an Indian woman raising a child on her own.  I am 90% sure she does not have a husband anymore.  Not only is that amazing under normal circumstances, but an Indian woman here on a work visa or a green card, it is pretty ballsy to be alone with an 11 year old girl.  She gave me the sweetest card today.  She only does this for people she respects – so I’m glad I am on her list.
  • Maggie is my goofy girl.  She is currently sitting on my tummy as her legs are on the ground and her chin is resting on my feet.  She is a sweet girl.  Stubborn but sweet. I still love that G likes her sleeping with us.
  • G is on a rampage – a cooking rampage. He is making food to stock my parents’ freezer – to help with the food costs as my mom starts working again – and my dad searches for work.  He has the girls totally involved.  Both cooking and cutting and stirring.  And at their feet? Maggie – looking for scraps.
  • Oh and we have our own elf living with us  – Derek is a funny elf.  God have I missed him!  We got him a sparkly christmas stocking because he did not have one.  I do need to knit the girls new stockings next year.  Guess I should start doing it.
  • I explained to my parents that I was not going to be down to see them for long.  And thankfully they understood.  This month has been great in some respects but I’m sick of the running around and bullshit.  Thankfully my parents get it.  They are supportive of my plan.
  • I have committed to a workout regime for the new year. I need to kickstart things.  Now that my hip is good – I need to get moving again.  So we shall see how it goes.  It is driving me nutty – I used to run 3-6 miles a day ….now, not so much.  It is time to start again.
  • Continuing in my tradition of weird stuffed animals for my nieces – I’m giving them lobsters.  Seems good. Better than crabs.

Ok – I think that’s it for me.

Happy Christmas.  Merry Holidays.  Happy Solstice.

Seriously – may you reconnect with someone this season.

May you find peace in some conflict.

And may you find what you need this holiday season.

Merry Christmas Eve.

Peace be with you.

What do you think?

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