Bullets on Wednesday Part 3983

  • Sock glue rocks!  I finally bought some and it’s pretty good stuff.  Why have I not purchased some before?!?  (I use it for my over-the-knee socks so they don’t slide down.)
  • I am reminded why I hate dry cold weather.  My hair stands on end with the static brought by the dry cold weather.  I could tell when the dry air came into the area yesterday by how many times I had to push down my hair.
  • Maggie is being a toddler. She wanders around getting herself into trouble.  And she’s stubborn too.  Ignoring us – then fighting us when she tries to leave our side.  Too bad my patience outlasts her stubbornness.  Too bad for her, that is.  Bwahahah!  It’s funny how Harry looks on with a look of “good luck, kid – you’ll need it.” He almost shakes his head at her.
  • I won the bet at work as to when the huge project will ende.  I said it wouldn’t be June as everyone estimated.  July/August now.  The upside to the schedule slide?  My team is working on April go-live countries now as the rest of them are ready to go.  I’m driving my compadres in the other departments nuts right now as a result.  Oh well, get with the program, kids!
  • How many things can land on Thursday this week??  I have an art opening. The kids have a performance at school.  And there was something else I heard of too, but can’t recall.  Doesn’t matter – I’ll be at the art opening.  Yay.  Seriously though, it should be good.  Fingers crossed we end the year strong for these shows.
  • I’m trying not to think about flying next week.  I hate flying.  I’m sure I’ll be fine once I get into the air.  But ugh.  I’m pretending its not happening.  And when I do think about it, I am thinking about the fact I’m flying to warm and sun.  Ahhh…San Diego.  It’s G’s grandmother’s 100th birthday.  Good stuff.  Anyone have any advice for flying with my camera gear?
  • Beggers who only target women when asking for money bug the fuck out of me.  I watched a sketchy guy hit up all the women that went by him for money while staying away from the men.  This tells me he is a predator.  Judgemental of me? Yep.  But when a guy is pushy with the women while steering clear of the men – you gotta look at it that way to stay safe.
  • I’m starting to keep a tally on the number of stupid statements and questions I get made to me by the team.   Example from this morning: Me: “Setup XYZ in that test environment ASAP, please.”  Guy on Team: “Does this mean that it’s ready for the setup to happen?” Me: “Yeah, that’s what it means.” *head desk*   I wish I could say this is an uncommon interaction but it isn’t.  It’s a daily one….and sometimes hourly.  And these are the same people who will come to me, tell me what they are working on, then go “oh, that’s right, we’ve talked about how I shouldn’t be working on this.”  Dimwits.  The nice word for them.

And now to end on some snark….

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