Boxing Day Fun

1:20am, we hear a knock on the door.  “What?” one of us says.  “It’s Indigo.” then she trails off from there.  “Come in” I finally say.  She opens the door, says, “I don’t feel so…” and vomits all over the spare bedroom floor.  “Good” she finishes when she stops, only to start again.

Finally, we get her to the bathroom.  G gets things cleaned up because, well, in short, I suck at vomit – it makes me vomit.  So, after about 30 minutes of cleanup and getting her settled in as we also try to figure out what happened, we finally get back into bed.

Only to have a somewhat repeat at 5am.

We headed back home at about 1pm – twelve hours after the first incident.

Only to realize that the food poison theory we all started the day with was not the case, when we hit the rest stop at the top of the mountain about a mile from home – and she got out of the car only to vomit all over the parking lot.

So tonight, she and I are sitting at home – watching Mythbusters and Tommy Boy – which the dogs cuddle her on the couch.  The rest of the family is out at a party.

Which I guess is good.  Because the last three days have kinda sucked overall. Sure, I know I should be grateful I have family close by and still alive and well to visit – but the tension – the stress – the just fucked up interactions have me at the end of my rope. I am done. I’m tired. I’m fed up of the bullshit. And I’m just beyond my limit of going without recharging.  Too many people sucking things from me – not enough recharging.

And despite the good things that have happened in the past week, the negative is starting to overshadow it. It’s funny because I am realizing more and more how if the negative creeps in, even the good starts not looking so good. I know there are no connections between the two but damn, when the dark creeps in, the dark creeps in.

Maybe tomorrow I need to go shoot photos.  Of what, I don’t know….but I don’t know….I need something.

Then on top of everything – Garbonzo the cat is not doing well. He looks rough around the edges.  And he is limping everywhere – and sleeping way too much. I think he’s hitting the end – much to G’s dismay.  I don’t like the pain he is in.  G feels the same way, but the question becomes when is he going to make the call.  Katchoo the other cat isn’t doing great either.  But at least I don’t feel like she’s at death’s doorstep.  I knew that when one animal died it was a matter of time before the cats headed there too.   What a great time to have that realization as to how close we are to making those decisions.

The holidays are just the gift that keeps on giving so far.  Let’s hope things turn back around.  I need it to turn around.

What do you think?

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