Ah, Christmas

Ah Christmas.
Ah family.
Ah alcohol.

Yesterday was Christmas with my in-laws. A day of bullshit posturing of them in front of the newcomer to the family gathering. Talks of family turned into lectures to us about not being good family members. It is funny how weird it was getting such bullshit comments made especially since what they were regarding was totally false. A fact I openly pointed out. Hey, game on. Wanna play ‘make the kids look bad’, better be prepared for the truth.

Don’t fuck with the daughter-in-law who is tired and not in the mood for such bullshit.

The evening was good. Home with he family working to finish the gift to my parents while watching Christmas movies and all until it was time to send the kids to bed, then play Santa.

They let us sleep until 7am but I was not awake. The kids opened their gifts – a bittersweet event as we realized that the time of little kid Christmas had passed. The kids were happy – we all were but those magical times you get to have as parents making Santa real had passed.

After breakfast and a quick nap, we were on the road to my parents house – a 3hr ride. It passed quickly and we arrived to play Santa to my parents. G and the girls spent days cooking things to stuff the freezer with. A nice surprise for them.

We enjoyed a low key afternoon until my bro and family got here. Ah, my sister-in-law (SIL) – a woman who spent the rest of the night driving me nutty. A lecture about what is wrong with kids these days – of kids being spoiled – following of course a huge out of control fit by my niece. A comment about why anyone would go to a Catholic school because they don’t teach science because no Christians believe in science. I called her on that one. Comment after fucked up comment – major ignorance on many levels. And screwed up. She bitches about the conservatives and how they overly generalize yet paints everyone with the same brush. It hit a point when I had to stop talking to her. I was done.

Merry Christmas – yay fucked up family members!
Happy to go back home tomorrow and call the family obligations done. Maybe I’ll sleep.

What do you think?

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