Wibbly Wobbly Wednesday

I don’t know. Some days the post name is easier to come up with than other days.

Things I have been reminded in the last 24-48hrs:

  • People with insecurities are exhausting to hold conversations with.  As the listener/responder, you are faced with two choices – filter all that insecurity crap out and comment on what they are saying beneath it. Or you can just respond to it all.  Both are exhausting processes.
  • People who believe they are all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips don’t listen to what is being said to them, but instead hear what they hope you are saying.  I have a friend who is constantly trying to push that boundary. I hold it by being firm, direct but polite.  We had a plan for him, his wife, G and me to go somewhere. Situations changed where we had to reschedule (hey, I’m not saying ‘no’ to my kid because I need a babysitter in order to go to a club with friends – a sitter is my problem).  We were talking about other possible dates, and I asked “what about a week night” because I believe when you negotiate, it’s easier if you know all possibilities in play.  Next thing I hear from a mutual friend is that it’s scheduled. Uhm, I didn’t schedule anything.  Sure enough, he pings me this morning to confirm we are still on for tomorrow.  Nope. Never said we were on for tomorrow due to family commitments.  Oh, was his response.  Yeah, I think I need to stay —>over there because he’s being pushy for the wrong reasons – or so my gut feels it is so.  *shutters*
  • People will surprise you.  I have had a few people reach out to me lately that I never expected would do so.  It was a “wow” moment as I did not expect it at all.  It was sweet and sincere. And I guess I learned I should not make certain assumptions.
  • Some people you may not expect will act via text or chat like they are in more pain than they have when in your presence.  A friend had a rough night, still was having a rough time with the situation, so I invited her out to talk.  She showed up, brought her source of stress with her, then asked if I was okay that she brought him.  “Uhm, if you are – I am” was my response.  The actions perplexed me.  I wondered if she was hiding it from me instead – like using him as a shield. Nope – not that I could see.  It perplexed me to a point where I finally just went along with it, said my good-byes after, and went home to vent to Derek about WTF was that”.  I just don’t even have words.
  • I cannot bring myself to update my cast of characters. I can’t do it.  I know I need to, but to erase words and people ….. yep, not ready, so know that it isn’t up to date.  And I know but can’t deal with it right now.  I have the same issue with email and my phone.  It is not my MO to erase people even when they seem to erase me.  Feels wrong.
  • While I know hating certain people would be easier than feeling the pain we feel, hate is not a solution – it is the wrong solution.  Yeah, not a realization in the last 24-48hrs – more have been reminded of that fact through another friend’s painful moment.
  • A beautiful note from a past play-partner and current friend can be just what you need to read.
  • Standing at my desk all day, while good for me and my activity level, makes my feet hurt.  (I stand sans shoes because, well, I prefer no shoes usually. And shoes don’t make a difference.)
  • DJ rocks. I wish I could share something she created on here, but I can’t because it could take people to my kid – and that’s not gonna happen.  She drew a wonderful 1 page comic that was so freaking insightful – blew some minds when I posted it on Facebook. The fact she was brave enough to let me share it is a double win for her.
  • My dog is a bed hog. But there is nothing better than having insomnia, reading, and petting her as I try to go back to sleep.  Can a dog have good energy?
  • I wish my boss would do more of his job, so I can do my own job.

What do you think?

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