Twas the Night Before, the Night Before Thanksgiving

And people are crazy!

Holy shit!

Today is the day I switch my laser pointer to a cattle prod to keep the cats moving in the direction they need to go.

And my temptations to kick those cats is strong.  A guy on my team today stepped in during my meeting to enforce my point because he could tell that I was about to give her a swat….or throw my coffee cup (full of coffee) at her.

“No, the sky is not falling, Chicken Little – it IS just an acorn.”

My phrase of the week, so far.

Toss onto it the fact we moved floors – and chaos reigns.

Oh well.

If only I could have this…

And don’t get me started on the people at the store when I went.  Holy hell.  Yes, it is a holiday coming up where food is king.  But I promise, pushing people, being rude, and being inconsiderate of those you are sharing the store with is not going to make shopping any easier.  When I was there a few days ago, I actually apologized to the cashier.  My frustration and annoyance is allowed.  They get to put on a happy face and smile through the idiocy.   She appreciated it.

My new cubicle is a shoebox….long and narrow and weird.

Oh, and the cohorts that moved too – rude rude rude.  Someone was looking for the new location of my cubicle.  They were in the aisle behind me when they asked a cohort if they knew where I lived.  Her response was “why would I know or care?”   Upon hearing this, I piped up and said “Right here – close enough to hear.”  The person was dead silent after that.

Like I said, I hate this holiday attitude around here.  I think it was better last year when people only got Thursday off and had to work Friday and the weekend.  They weren’t as rude. Beaten down by “The Man” but not rude.

Then on top of work, I get a “friend” decided to “help” by making an insensitive comment about how I was feeling.  I did appreciate someone else following it up with “What? You aren’t a robot??”   Got appreciate RLoTFC on Twitter.  Then we degenerated into the sex acts Jesus hasn’t likely seen, so that if one was done he could watch with surprise that “he hadn’t seen THAT before”.  I don’t know…my brain is wrong sometimes.

I guess this sums it up nicely…

What do you think?

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