Soccer, Snow and Chicken Soup

Today was the last day of the fall soccer season for Indigo. This is possibly her last soccer game ever as it is unclear if they will do spring. It’s weird to think that the girls are both done. DJ started when she was 4, so it has been 10 years of standing in the rain and mud cheering for the girls playing soccer. What a weird milestone.

Then after soccer, we headed to see my mom. The trip was originally scheduled to be a trip to welcome my new niece. But the events of a few weeks ago changed it to a different trip.

We arrived and things were good. Mom looks great but you can tell it all ebbs and flows. Her energy would go from high to low in an instance. And her emotions are all over the place. Dad later explained that the severity of her illness has hit her – how touch and go things were & how sick she still is.

My brother and his family came over where they made chicken noodle soup and chicken and rice soup. It was quite good and a meal my mom devoured. Good stuff. And we played pass my niece as she was grumpy.

In the middle of the evening, Dad pointed out it was snowing outside. The ground had a good dusting and the accompanied rain froze to ice. What a weird trip!

Oh and my brother and his wife are whacky. I swear this is their first kid not the second. And the crap they are into is just annoying not because it’s the wrong thing but because they speak about it in absolutes. It’s just elitist in many ways and I hate that.

This weekend has been an off one. I have felt emotionally off – fragile as things tackle me unexpectedly. Physically I’m still not sleeping. I have felt like I’ve been sleep walking – unable to sleep and unable to wake up. Not a great place to be given my mental state. Maybe tonight I’ll sleep. One can wish.

What do you think?

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