Photos from My Phone

photo (2)

I loved this piece of street art, if you will.  “You have a beautiful smile” just makes you smile. Plus it was perfect – standing there overlooking the water of the Willamette River.

photo (1)

A quote from a book that spoke to me.  The upside about the kindle app on my phone? I can take a photo of words that speak to me – words I want to remember.  And this is one of them.

photo (1)

The dino warning label on a package I received from Photojojo.  There was a dino included. That company makes me smile.  Greatest customer experience ever. Tracking your shipment is pretty cool.  The emails are cool.  All make me smile.


Maggie telling me to stay in bed with her.  She didn’t win, but it was funny listening to G talk to her.  “Why would someone give you away? Didn’t they know what a cuddly puppy you are? Yes you are. Such a pretty girl dog.”  He’s in love with her.  Look at that face – who wouldn’t fall in love with her.  Even when she’s trying to kick you out of bed in the middle of the night.


I am proud that I beat G with the winning word of WHORES.  Seemed like a double win to me!  I will admit.  I rarely seem to beat G at Words with Friends.

photo (3)

Steve Libido and Libido Max – both for women. Wow.  I am glad they are pink.  I always take photos of weird things.

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