Photos: Fall in the Chinese Gardens

One of the things I LOVE about having a membership to the Chinese Gardens  – I can go whenever I want to.  And won’t feel guilty about spending the money to wander for an hour.

The only thing that pissed me off this last time? The group of 25 year old women who came in, made a shit load of noise (not respecting the tranquility it offers), then left as loudly as they arrived.  Geesh!

The mum festival was going on.



Looking at the place through the colorful Japanese maple.


They added boats into the pond which made for some interesting contrast and reflections.
The only koi I saw that day.



Persimmons! They are a winter fruit that ripen after all leave fall from the tree. They are like ornaments in the empty tree. Gorgeous.


Gray and bare and bleak. But I love the reflections.


Another photos where you should look at the water more than anything else.
Ginkgo leaves on the patterned walkway. I like the contrast.


I love this mum – the light, the dark… spoke to me.
I love pomegranates. To find a tree of them was pretty awesome.


What do you think?

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