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  • I have four blog posts partially written. Yet, I can’t bring myself to finish any of them, so here I am writing a post with bullet points instead.
  • My cats take this seriously: 
  • There is a female IT manager who has added me to her shit list.  Why? Because she architected a solution that was BEYOND dumb, was going to cause four teams probably 100hrs of dev work, and I called bullshit on it……twice.  Ok, I called bullshit on it, but not quite in those words. I asked why she was changing my business requirements without the consent of the business who gave them to me.  Then when she gave me some BS answer, I pointed out her answer was not valid given the example she gave was a whole different issue.  I let it drop until I found out four teams were going to need to spend 100 hours of development work to do her solution.  This meant my project’s go-live date was severely at risk.  This got the attention of the powers on high who squashed it (because it was a short term fix that would be 100% throw away).  A meeting is had where she misrepresents her solution until after two attempt to gently correct her resulted in me getting out the 2×4 and saying she is misrepresenting it.  Two days later in a followup meeting, she entered the room and her negative, angry energy hit me like a ton of bricks.  Even the other manager (her peer) who was in that meeting felt it. After being overly aggressive, not going into any details but trying to tell us why we were wrong (she looked directly at me), I was like “can we cut the crap? you want something your way – we all got that loud and clear. So stop dancing around it trying to convince us, lay it on the table and go through it so that we review it.”  I think I almost knocked her on her ass.  Her peer put his hand over his mouth to hide his laughter. I said what he wanted to, as  I would later find out.  Will her solution work? Maybe.  She claims it will.  Her peer said he would see her at the follow-up meeting when we find out it doesn’t.  I got the daggers for his comment.  In the end, she admitted it has to work because she is not “redoing her work she already build out for the defunct solution.”  Hey, as long as it is all about you – and isn’t what is best for the company.  I now know why she has went through 5 project managers in less than a year.  
  • A guy I work with who annoys the fuck out of me got upset yesterday when he made a condescending comment to me about being on vacation for a week. “Must be nice to be able to go someplace for a week” was his asinine remark.  Now first, I have not taken more than a couple days off in a row during the 2 years I have worked here.  But I let that one go.  Instead, I went for the response that was going to make him feel like the asshole he was being.  “Yeah, vacations are great when they are unplanned trips to spend a week in the ICU with your mom who was admitted unexpectedly with a huge complication related her her Crohn’s disease.  This tan I have would be from the fluorescent lights.”   After he picked up his jaw from the floor he grumpled, “you could have made up something instead of whacking me with that.”  I wanted to reply he could have chosen not to be an asshole about it in the first place, but instead pointing out the assumptions are never a good thing especially when you get hit with the truth.  Dumbass.
  • Seeing snippets and all of the upcoming release of the Veronica Mars Movie is making me excited.  I backed the Kickstarter for them to make it. I love good shows with women portrayed not as victims but as strong people who can do anything.  There were three seasons before it got cancelled, but everyone who was a fan has always wanted more.  I cannot wait!
  • Maggie is quite the snuggler.glamorshotMaggie
  • I think this weekend will be the weekend of purging in the house. It is time.  Plus, we have some water damaged stuff we need to get rid of.  The downside of not having a truck – you have to borrow one or get a dumpster.
  • G wants to have one more try at his VW bus and it’s engine woes.  I told him to go for it – after he sells me Jeep so he can have the money for the project.  The guy we bought it from had 6 people actively interested in it, so it won’t be too hard to sell and get a good price.  I would love to see him get the VW running again.
  • I need this Bat signal 

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