Weekend in Pictures

G and I took a weekend away from each other. Here are some photos from the weekend.

No harassing the birds!

Kelp or giant penis. You decide.

I have a pelican fetish.

The GIANT pacific octopus that was far from giant.

An otter in the rain

There is a girl scout song that goes “the jellyfish, the jellyfish, the jellyfish goes splat!”

A lighthouse from 1871. It was only operational, like, 4 years. It was a nice historical find.  The other lighthouse was not accessible because it was a national monument therefore closed.

Sea lion pile – aka an aquatic version of a puppy pile.

A covered bridge that was moved to a location that was suited perfectly for it.  The story is quite amazing.  A couple who felt someone told them to check the dimensions of the bridge (a bridge that was being torn down in another location). Turns out, it fit perfectly at their location. A combo of things led to it being relocated to their home instead of being torn down completely. Great story.

What do you think?

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