Things I’m Reading….

I read a lot.  I should share more because I find some pretty interesting stuff sometimes.  Here are the things I’ve been reading lately….enjoy.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

A great book I’ve been listening via Audible about how habit can compensate for brain injuries, influence us to buy things, and change our lives.  Good stuff – fascinating stuff. I won’t look at Fabreeze the same way again.

15 Valuable Life Lessons to Learn from Vishen Lakhiani

As I process things, I found this article a reminder – a reassurance that my feelings about how I’m processing things is right.  But outside of that, it’s a good reminder to not let life make you hard.

Who Need Monogamy?

An article that talks to three folks who are poly and a look at what lead them there.

Exposed: The Secret Lives of Swingers

I like this one because of how it highlights, for me, that there are things that swingers CAN teach kinksters in terms of play relationships.  Not a bad article from the point of view of a solo guy.

Amanda Palmer’s List of Women Who Slay the Balance

While the whole Sinead vs Miley letter writing fiasco was happening, someone asked Amanda Palmer who she believes are the female artists who find balance in the crazy world of art and music and the public eye – this is her list. Good stuff.

That’s all for now….I have others but for another day.

And if you have any favorites you have read, share them in the comments. I always like good reads.

What do you think?

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