Ramblings of the Sleep Deprived….again

Seems like when I am sleep deprived, I reuse titles. Or maybe I just think I re-use them in my weird state of mind.

We saw Ghostbusters at a local brew pub which has a movie theater.  We took the kids.  They were laughing so hard.  Here is a short list of observations having seen a movie that is 30 years old:

  1. They smoked everywhere.  Seemed having a camel cigarette hanging out of their mouths was the standard in each shot.
  2. Sigourney Weaver looks like a drag queen when she is possessed by Zuul.  
  3. Ray Parker Jr will forever be known as the theme song singer for Ghostbusters.  I know he sang other songs too – in fact that’s what made him a choice to sing it – he was popular.  Yet, he will be forever the theme song singer.
  4. Gotta love the David Bowie inspired character costuming
  5. There is something blatantly homo-erotic about them “crossing their streams”…..or is that just me?
  6. The facial expressions of the StayPuff Marshmallow Man are hilarious!
  7. I think that Bill Murray plays the same character in multiple movies – they are all him.  I didn’t realize that until watching him in Ghostbusters and realizing parts reminded me in his performance in other movies.  
  8. Rick Moranis is fucking hilarious in this movie 
  9. It’s interesting to see how high-tech things are in this movie.  Card catalogs.  Corded phones. Computers that are huge and did little.  Greatest line was by Egon when asked if he likes to read – and he replies that he believes print is dead.  1984 is when he declared that.
  10. A 30 year movie with poor special effects by today’s standards, old technology, lots of cigarettes – and it can still make an almost 11 year old girl and an almost 14 year girl giggle their asses off – more than the adults in the place.  Awesome.

Wednesday at work was stupidity day.  Why?

  • We had to meet with a huge group of technical people who decided that the invoice creation process is a good place to divert data from the invoice and send it to a report. So the system instead of producing an invoice for us to bill a customer, it would create a report for accounting.  Don’t get what that means exactly?  If it sounds odd, you are smarter than they are.  Yeah, that was a fun meeting and a great way to start the day at 7am.
  • When asked why I hadn’t put in the change order to bring the country live on Nov 1st, the person couldn’t understand why I had to do it over the weekend.  I guess the idea that people are working in a system that cannot be taken down during the week is lost on them.  He never got it no matter how many times I explained it.
  • I told a data guy the same thing 10 times.  When he came to me the final time, he got upset when I cut him off at the knees and told him to go away.  If he didn’t understand it the first 9 times, once more was not gonna work.  And the concept was not complex.  It was simple.  He just didn’t like the answer – but I chose to believe he is just dumb.  Dumb kept him alive.
  • I spent the day telling my business analyst to stop focusing on stuff that isn’t his problem – and to do his job.  Literally, I said things like “you know what – do what you were told. Stop trying to think.”  Mean?  Yes.  But when you are dealing with a Squirrel Boy (a person who sees a squirrel and must chase it) – you have to do it.  Ironically my boss told me I wasn’t a bitch – just someone showing more self restraint than he would be showing.
  • That is just a sampling.  It s bad to deal with stupid when sleep deprived. But I am not writing this from jail, so clearly I did something right.

I got this on my FB feed today:

Then it was followed with “otters are assholes” – and a link to an article.

What I learned?  Male sea otters have sex with the female by holding their heads underwater.  Well, the female sea otters must have a way to deal with this without dying.  Turns out that male sea otters, when feeling a bit horny, will find a baby seal, hold it’s head underwater, and fuck it.  The baby seal will drown as a result.  Think it’s done? Nope.  I guess it’s like a big invitation for a big male sea otter necrophilia orgy.  Yes, for a week or so, they will take turns fucking the dead baby seal.

What does this mean?

  • Otters are kinky and into breathe play.
  • Otters are pediphiles.  Raping BABY seals and all.
  • Otters are into blurred lines.
  • Otter ARE assholes.

But isn’t that photo cute??

Maggie kicks G out of bed when she sleeps with us. She has slept with us 4 times, and she has kicked him out of bed twice.  I feel that’s justified given his cat does that to me.

Derek rocks.  I love that he is back in our lives.  He fits.  Him being here is right.  He gets me – and I love that he does.  I’m glad the universe brought him home.

Ok – that is all.

Happy Thursday!

What do you think?

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