Motivational Monday – Tao of Willie Edition

As I mentioned the other day, I have been listening/reading the Tao of Willie Nelson. And I’ll have to say – he has some good things to say.  So, here we are….motivation from Willie….


As in, if you are hard headed, you will land on your ass a lot.  And yes, he tells example after example of how that is true.  I’m sure you can find your own examples.








The hardest thing ever – to shut up and listen to what you are saying inside.  Many times, we know the truth – we know it but we are too busy with our brain trying to talk ourselves out of the truth.  Because we don’t want to feel the truth – we don’t want to hear it inside us.  But the truth is – it is inside of all of us – we are the truth – we know the truth.  But when we act outside our truth, well, see the first one.




What do you think?

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