A Weird Halloween

DJ decided this year that she was going to go trick or treating. Last year, she was too cool. This year, she doused herself in blood (with help of a friend), and went as Carrie.  We all went around in costume.  And generally the feedback was positive.

Except at the end.

“Kids, get back here – don’t go with THOSE people”

Yes, we were “those” people.  The adults were all dressed up.  The kids were having fun.  And God forbid they go near us.  We all went to the next house which had the usual signal of having candy – the porch light was on – yet no one was there.

“Come on kids – let’s let the other kids try – that way they can all get space between us because they don’t want to be near us – we’re THOSE people.”

Yeah, I’m a bitch.

But, in my defense, we were all having fun.  We were laughing, joking around, and talking to most other adults who were doing the same.  We all interacted and laughed and had fun when meeting each other.  Yet, it just took those people who apparently felt Halloween was to be taken seriously by adults.  I felt sorry for their oldest kid – a son dressed in sequence from head to toe – fedora, shiny shirt, and pants.  D overheard one of them explain to one of the houses that he was Michael Jackson.  Nope, he was Liza Minnelli.  He definitely belonged with us.

But seriously, it was sad that these kids were being taught to be judgemental of people on a day where people can be as weird as they want to be.

THOSE people. Geesh!

But then we came home, ate caramel apples, cuddled puppies and watched one of my favorite movies….

Addams Family Values.

Seriously, I laugh throughout that movie.

Like this:

Or this…

Or this…






And this..

What can I say – I love the snark of Wednesday Addams. I always have.  Even during the days of the black & white series.

I’ll stop. I can’t help it. It’s a favorite movie.

And a great way to turn around the weird….weird counteracts weird ….or at least makes weird fun.

What do you think?

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