A Random Friday

I have a four day weekend – and I need to go back home and work from there today – so needless to say, while I’m still here at work, I’m not feeling too motivated. Or focused.  Correct – I am focused – just not on work.




I have been enjoying walking Maggie in the leaves. She is a goofy girl.

photo (6)

She likes crunching the leaves.  I would love to take her on longer walks than I do but she is a dawdler – and must investigate everything, greet every person, dog, cat or squirrel she meets, and pick up all trash.  Needless to say, a 1.5mile walk feels more like 3 given the pace.

Oh, and this is what a great dane- pit bull mix looks like:

Houston, I think we have match.

I think this is how people at work are working this week.  A head up a pinata’s ass.  Might explain why they can’t see anything and speak as though they are high on something.  I swear if I wasn’t committed to not going to jail, I would help thin the herd of humanity.

Because this:

….is how I’ve started answering them when they come bug me. And I think I’m just as scary given the fact no one wants to come talk to me unless they have to.  But hey, you gotta discourage stupid somehow.

Indigo has been doing bad bad things in terms of homework.  Lying, forging signatures, and lying some more.  She blew G off when he tried to have a talk with her.  She came away laughing and thinking it was no big deal.  Enter Moe.  Yeah, at the of our talk, she was silent, in tears, and fully understanding that this was not a joke to us – and we were all pretty pissed off at her behavior.  Times like these are when I always remember – don’t yell, use a low serious voice – it’s scarier.  Needless to say, she has written apologies to all of us – been grounded from computer, ipad and her ipod.  And, well, pretty much is not pushing getting access to any of those things.  Though, she did make a good argument for a temporary reprieve from the ipod while she’s in the car with the girls this weekend.


After hearing me complain all weekend or longing wishing I had a better telephoto lens, G encouraged me to buy a new lens.  And to get it before I went to the beach this weekend.  So, soon I have to go home so I can sign for it.  For my friends who are photo geeks like me:

And I bought the right filters so I can take some fabulous beach photos and not get mad when the colors look washed out.  I’m excited.  Pelican photos – here I come!  (I’ve mentioned I have an obsession with pelicans, right?)  They are migrating right now, so lots of them to see.

DJ says stuff like this….

…so when I read it in my head, I heard it spoken in her voice….

And I leave you with this advice for a Friday…


What do you think?

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