What I Need

Sitting at the end of the bar, knee to knee like we usually did, was where we met and started sharing how our days had been going.  Our usual start to our time together.

He stood up, stepped beside me, and pulled me into his chest – hugging me tight.

“You seem like you just need the contact – need to be held with everything going on.”

I did.

And Daddy, my caring SB, knew exactly what I needed. I didn’t need to articulate it directly as he heard it behind my words, saw it in my body language, and felt it in my energy.

So he held me as we talked.  And I felt myself exhale. I felt the stress go out of me. I felt like I was where I needed to be.

Moments like these make me happy for the Daddy element of the dynamic I have with SB.  He takes care of me – not only through the sadism, but through his support when I need it.  His nurturing.  He takes care of me in ways that I need even if I don’t realize what I need.

I’m so glad to have him as a Daddy.


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