What a difference a week makes

“You don’t mind”, he asked.
“Why would I mind?”
“Well, you might have plans to go out”, was his reply.

I had, a week ago, had plans to go out. Hell, I had planned on surprising him with entire weekend. I mean, it IS his birthday.

But that has changed. My plans have changed. There are no overnights or plans or conflict….I’ll be home. Alone with the kids. Where I belong apparently.

And after he said it, I rolled over and let the tears slip down my cheeks. Too much has changed.

And while it is what it is, I can’t help but be sad.

I mean today is his birthday.

I had never planned to be where I am. I had planned on making it a good one for him.

What a difference a week makes.

I really miss him.


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