The New Edition

Since Bob’s death, I have had a huge hole in my life.  I mean, here was this extraordinary dog who was awesome in so many ways, my mornings before work revolved around him, and I knew he would be there for me when I came home after a bad day.

While Harry is also still with us, he sees me as the alpha dog – so he tends to stay away from me if I’m stressed or upset because he worries it is his fault. He will cuddle up with everyone else in the family, but with me, he is on his best behavior.  It’s like I’m the teacher in the room.

I have been going back and forth about making an argument as to whether or not to add a new dog.  Then I saw a dog at the humane society – older dog, seemed to be a good match.  So we made a trip – only to find out that the online info was incomplete.  She has to be an only dog.  As we looked at all of the dogs, we could not find one to fit into the family. One could not be adopted by a household with cats.  Another needed no kids.  Another no other dogs.  We ended up spotting two dogs in the end that may work. Both were puppies.  Both were mellow despite the chaos of their kennel mates.  But one stood out given how she was interacting with the other puppy in her pen – she was cuddling with him.

We went back today – and adopted her.  She and Harry got along pretty well.  Harry would give her warnings if she got a bit too crazy for him.  And she would react by backing off.  The dog handler at the humane society was impressed and speculated that they would be fine.  The cats were the wild card.

So, meet Maggie – a 3 month old pit bull mix.  Current guess is that she’s part American bulldog.  She is puppy – but she is doing so very well so far.  Tonight will be a challenge because it’s her first night alone, but thankfully my insomnia is still with me so it’s not like I won’t be up.

So here she is….our new edition….

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