The Damn Broke..

I read the last text he sent to me, a few hours before it all ended:

“I love you too much!”

I replied with a smile. That line never bothered me because it reminded me of a similar line that G would give me.

Little did I realize, that was the end.

So what do I do with that – love you too much.

What do I do when reading that breaks the damn of emotions I thought was carefully confined.

Fuck! That’s the problem, you see. He fit. He filled a niche in my life I didn’t realize I had until he filled it. And now that niche is empty and cold. I wonder if he feels any of what I feel about this all – or if he is just on to the next woman.

While I don’t think it would be that, I never thought it would end like this either. Shows you what I know.

I don’t know. All I know is I’m raw – and it hurts – and I can’t keep the stuff upper lip I may try to maintain.

So tonight, I let the tears flow.

And kick myself for reading what he wrote.

And wish I could hate him. Fuck it would be easier.

But there is nothing easy.


What do you think?