Random Thoughts

  1. What is it with people who take ownership but won’t follow through? Is there something in the air right now – or is it always like this?  At work, I have this issue – and for the art committee.  It’s driving me fucking nuts as I’m sick of having to get out the stick to beat them with it as I am forced to save their asses.
  2. If the artist for October flakes out, I am going to find him and kill him.  His lack of communication is driving me nutty.  He made an appointment with me last weekend to see the space, then didn’t show up, call or email.  I waited 30 min.  I pinged him yesterday (after still not hearing from him) – so far, crickets.  Maybe it’s time to figure out a possible plan B. Hmm…
  3. I think Harry is telling the new puppy lies to make her scared of the world.  She has been pretty funny when going out alone.  She was in the space of “OMG PEOPLE!!” or “OMG DOGS!!” but now she’s holding back a bit more.  Not a bad thing in some respects but I see that gleam of satisfaction in Harry’s eye.  He’s a grumpy old man.
  4. Finding baby puppy teeth is weird. I thought the days of losing teeth was over – not yet.
  5. The puppy has wrapped G and Derek around her little paw.  G is contemplating letting her sleep in our bed with us (once she can get a bath).  And Derek lets her sleep on the couch during the day when he’s home.  What a rough life she leads!
  6. The school year is definitely off to a great start! First witch hunt by the parents is underway.  They don’t like the discipline policy.  Yeah, if you have to care about what happens when your kid gets in trouble (not if) then you are focused on the wrong things. Just sayin’!
  7. Insomnia is still my friend. Yeah, nothing like maybe 4 hours of sleep a night to make the world more interesting.
  8. Fall means I get to pull out my favorite socks.  I have been stopped several times this week at work and on the way to work so that someone can pay me a sock compliment.  Gotta love great socks.
  9. I miss him. Sigh.
  10. G and Lili are debuting their comic this weekend a the comic convention.  I’m so very excited for them.  If you are local, go see them.  G is also previewing his next collaboration – and that looks neat too.  Two great artists – two great stories – such good things for all!!
  11. I’m about ready to tell my bro and sister-in-law they are bad parents.  And my parents they are bad grandparents.  Where are the baby pictures of my new niece?!?!?  Geesh!
  12. Oh and my SIL is crediting her non-drug birth for the reason her baby is so calm.  Uhm, yeah – it’s likely that’s my nieces personality.  I am glad she had the delivery she wanted, but this holier than though – my way is the only right way bullshit is about to get her smacked.  And she claims to be open minded….uhm…..not so much.
  13. Given how well Maggie has been doing, she may be my beach mate in a few weeks.  I booked time at the beach for a romantic getaway.  Now I get to go alone.  Figure I’ll take the dog.  But we’ll see.
  14. I am ready for a long rainy weekend.
  15. I feel I need 15 things so I’m filling this space so I have it.


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