We had a thunderstorm last night. It was glorious laying there in bed, listening to the thunder, watching the lightning, and smelling the rain blowing into our room.  I guess that’s the upside of having had insomnia. I didn’t sleep through it.

The Portland Thorns (Portland’s professional women’s soccer team) won the first championship title on Saturday.  It was an incredible game to watch as the Thorn and the NY team were well matched.  NY had the best home recording – undefeated since like July.  The Thorn has the best road record.   Layer on top of it the fact their previous meetings ended in a tie, you knew it would be a great game.

After the Thorn scored the first goal, you knew they were in it to win it all.  Even when they had a defender ejected for her second yellow card at the beginning of the 2nd half, they were not stopped.  Playing down a player, they blocked ever attack – and scored a second goal.  It was fabulous to watch.

This is the first professional championship a Portland team has gotten since 1977.  Pretty cool stuff.

I’ve been seeing articles popping up here and there helping parents have that hard conversation with their teens about the song Blurred Lines.  It came on the radio on Sunday, and I commented to the kids that I have a love hate relationship with the song.  While it’s a catchy tune, it is a bad message.  DJ asked what the message was.

So, I said simply – there are no blurred lines.  No means no, not “no until you convince me otherwise”.  That’s fucked up and inappropriate for anyone to treat someone like that.  And if a guy or girl does that to you, you should tell them to fuck off because they are becoming a predator.  Because there are no blurred lines – it’s binary – black and white.

The girls were both like “wow – that’s what that’s about – that’s messed up”.  I love my kids.  After I got done with my 2 minute tirade, I looked at G and said “see, we had that talk and we didn’t need to consult an article.  Nailed it!”  DJ laughed and said “yes you did!”

I worked too many hours this weekend. My relaxation seemed to come in waves – like it was feast or famine – extremes of each side.  Sucks that I didn’t get my three day weekend. Yet, this is a big deal.  This means financial benefits if we hit this and hit it well.  It’s not just a project success but a HUGE milestone.  It’s the part that sucks but at the same time makes it the right thing to do.

Funny though, how the CIO this morning noted that with those of us willing to work to make us successful that he was not happy to hear others were less concerned about doing their part.  As far as he was concerned, the team effort wasn’t there – it became a case of those who want success and those who don’t care.  And it was noted.  I appreciated the fact he called it out.  Because it has pissed me off this past two weeks when I’m beating people into the office – and they are beating me out of it.  And my shit isn’t what is holding things up.  Nice to have it acknowledged and noted.

School starts tomorrow! Yay!! Can’t believe I have an 8th grader and a 5th grader.  And to think I have to start thinking about high schools now. Wowza!

Something I’m trying to remember today….

What do you think?

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