Miscellaneous Things

  • Maggie, the puppy, is believed to be part Great Dane according to the vet.  And the fact she gained 5lbs in a week supported that theory.  I had said I wanted a Great Dane…..guess I subconsciously chose a dog that is part Great Dane?
  • Maggie will be on a seriously anti-parasite medication for the next 3-4 months.  Why?  Generally speaking, she has a juvenile form of non-contagious mange.  This where microscopic mites attack hair follicles infecting them and the skin around it.  So far, she is doing well with the medication.  But we will have to take her in every 1-2 weeks so they can weigh her and recalculate dosage.  She gets her first bath tonight. Let’s hope this goes okay as she will be getting one weekly for the next few months.  As I told the vet, our food allergy prone yellow lab died and we replaced him with a dog with a skin condition.  How ironic is that?
  • The burns on my face and neck keep getting prettier and prettier.  Right now, they look like I have an out of control herpes outbreak around my mouth.  I am carrying a bottle of aloe with me and slathering it on at every opportunity.  Can’t tell if it’s helping or not.
  • I have been recruited to help fire someone today.  Actually my job is to clear the aisle of the team so that he can come and collect his stuff post-firing with dignity.  So, I get to make something up and do this.  Part of me wants to just schedule a meeting at 12:30 – and make it mandatory for everyone to attend.  Might be easier than “Hey guys, let’s go get coffee – my treat!”  Yeah, not me.
  • Can I just say how awesome it is to have Derek around again?  It was great having someone – other than G – to vent to – and who looks at things a different way as he is coming from a good place, just a different one.  Plus, he makes me laugh. I need to laugh more right now.
  • DJ goes away to Ranger camp this weekend.  And, I – being a worried mom – and trying to make sure she isn’t cold and wet as it’s supposed to rain all weekend.  She has rain gear, but I gave her my good all weather hiking boots, my under armor, my hat, and one of my fleeces.  Oh and a good pair of wool socks.  She is my child with no body fat, so I worry about her being warm.  That being said, she isn’t a wallflower either – so I doubt she will stop long enough to get cold.  We shall see.  It’s supposed to rain all weekend, so I worry.
  • And while she is in the woods, Indigo has two soccer games – Saturday and Sunday morning.  She did awesome last week, scoring one goal. I’m hoping she has another good week.  She needs it.
  • After weeks of listening to people bitch and moan about the way this weekly leadership meeting goes, I finally said “Enough!” and scheduled meetings to change it.  Ironically, I am also fixing a second meeting that I don’t attend but that people bitch about too.  After many months where my mantra has been “stay out of it – do not rescue the idiots”, I am rescuing the idiots.  Calling them idiots is too harsh maybe.  They both have the inability to uplevel their thinking enough to see the much bigger picture.  So, I drew it for them – and filled it in – and colored it.  There is only so much bitching I can take.  Then when someone told me it was all for naught because it was still wrong – I got mad and told her that we can all bitch and moan about it – or we can make an incremental step towards where we need to be so that hopefully it will shine a light on the fact this is fucked up at an organizational level.  She had no response – but her face told me she got my message.   Either bitch & fix the problem or shut-up & get out of the way – but you can’t bitch and do nothing.
  • I am enjoying fall – or sock weather, as I call it.  The upside is I get to pull out all of my favorite socks.  The downside is I get to find out which socks have mates that are missing due to kids or dogs.
  • Maggie learned how to get up on the dining room table to get to the cats’ food.  So now, people coming to our house will see chairs on our church pew-like couch so that the dog cannot gain access.  Nothing is as weird as hearing something, looking into the dining room, and seeing a 36lb dog on the table.  She’s a problem solver. Lord help us.
  • Funniest moment last night was when Maggie went after my cat – my 15 year old female who still has her claws.  I have never EVER seen my cat use her claws except to sharpen them on the fence.  But last night, she nailed Maggie.  The cat did it and had a look of “get out of my face, bitch” on her face.  Maggie came and hid behind me.  I laughed.  Maggie has been good with the cats – mainly just following them around and watching them. But I guess she did more last night.  That’ll teach her.
  • Yes, I’m writing about my new dog a lot – but I can’t help it.  It’s better than writing about what’s going on in my head and all.  That depresses even me.
  • My upcoming artist for the gallery show is going to be the death of me. Or I will be death for him.  I’m aiming for the latter at this point.  Missed 3 meetings and his deadline for dropping off his art.  He has one more chance to make it happen.  And I told him if he wanted to do a show of goodwill, he should send me a bunch of stuff ahead of time. I followed up that verbal statement with an email.  Crickets has followed.  Thankfully I have some good friends and good relationships with previous artists for, what I’m calling, the Plan B show.  If he flakes Sunday, we pull the trigger. Though, I would love to know how many pieces he has because I’m about to do a secondary show with those who have stepped up to help if he flakes.  Hell, they should have their stuff hanging, too as a thank you.
  • It’s funny how fast a month can fly by when you have a deliverable the first of every month.  Hello, October. Wow.

And because I love this so much and we can all relate….I leave you with this…

What do you think?

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