How to Photograph a Puppy

(Yes I am aware that my posts have been rather emotionally intense lately. So let’s do something different, shall we?)

  1. Get puppy’s attention.  Use treat or toy.
  2. Have camera ready because you have to be quick.
  3. Show toy or treat to the puppy who will pose for like .2 seconds.
  4. Snap photo.


  1. Shoo cat from the room as she distracted the puppy from the toy or treat.
  2. Change locations to the park.
  3. Let the puppy explore, then when she is in a good position – snap photo.

IMG_0954Puppy sees the camera and decides it is more exciting than what she is looking at and comes running to you.

  1. After several blurry pics, decide to let her play and try again later when she is tired.
  2. Walk her home after she spends time chasing all of her new friends at the park.
  3. Let her settle onto the couch exhausted.
  4. Try to take a photo of the sleepy puppy.

IMG_0958Realize this is going to be a group effort or one that is going to take a lot of balls….






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