Fun with Art and No Electricity

Second Sunday night in a row, and we are sans power. DJ came back from her weekend in the woods, so she is still warm as she is dressed in her gear yet. The dogs are cuddling on the couch. And Derek and the girls are sitting in front of the fire watching a movie on the laptop. Yay battery power.

This is what I came back to after 5hrs of hanging art for the upcoming show. We tore down the previous show. Took in about 10 pieces of guest art from 3 artists. Then, we waited for the flaky artist. And while we waited, we cleaned and dusted – a huge thing as most don’t do it.

Then we hung what we had….
…and waited…..for 90min.

The artist finally showed but ill prepared. But with a good story. Too bad I’m a cynic and believed it was just that……a story.

So while we waited for him to get his shit together, we talked. And waited. Until he finally got to a point we could do something. I should mention that this guy is kinda full of himself.

He left. We hung. And I was done. I always put in twice as much (at least) than the others. This is the week that I love and hate. Hell week for art. Ugh.

But I am excited to see the show. We have some great works. And a great artist community that helped fill in some gaps. Good stuff. Just a shit load of work for me.

Oh, and I hung some pieces of a former blogger who does amazing self portraits. We need needed good male erotica and his fit the bill. People were already happy with what they saw. Awesome stuff! Makes me giddy it’s hanging in my space!

What do you think?

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