A Weird Day

Fall weather in Oregon is here.  Despite being in the 90s a week ago, this week, we have been introduced back to the rain and cooler weather.  This means it is unpredictable too.

G and Lili were launching their comic today at the Rose City Comic Con.  That is awesome.

Indigo went to play soccer.  She and I took Maggie the puppy with me.  When I got there, I realized I did not have a raincoat.  While it was sunny, I could tell as we drove across the bridge that it was going to pour at some point during the game.  Thankfully I had an umbrella.  The other parents looked at me weird as I was walking around with the dog and the umbrella.  That was until they got downpoured on – and Maggie and I stood under our huge golf umbrella nice and dry.  And while we cheered for the team, Indigo scored a beautiful goal.  She played a great game.

But her sweet friend who recently moved to Seattle with her mom and soon-to-be-stepdad but comes back to play soccer while she stays with Dad, she dove for a ball while playing goalie and hit her head pretty good on the goal post.  In the end she was okay, but pretty shook up for a while.

Then we came home to DJ in full cosplay costume – black wig, hot pink lipstick, and black eyeliner while wearing hot pink skinny jeans and a black tank top.  Damn is G in trouble – she was looking gorgeous.  I dropped her and Indigo off at the con – and went home to eat lunch.

The puppy and I cuddled and napped.  It was nice to be home and able to sleep.  My insomnia has left me exhausted, so I slept for a few hours.

The kids came home – and then the day went a different direction…..

The rabbit died.

We have no idea what happened.  It makes me quite sad and upset. I take my responsibility for small animals and their quality of life very seriously.  So to have him pass makes me question did we do everything for him that we should have done.  We won’t know.  It looks like he got sick.  She claimed he was okay this morning, but who knows.  I won’t know.  I am sad.  The rabbit was quite the addition to the house.  I loved that fluffy funny bunny.  I will miss him a lot.  He was my friend.  And I am sorry to him if there was something I should have done differently.

I am sad.

Indigo is devastated.  She was in hysterics.  She ended up on the couch – sandwiched between Maggie the puppy and DJ who was consoling her. Like a storm that suddenly shows up – that was definitely a surprise.

After G got home, I went out with a friend for a drink and a bite.  We had a great talk. She told me all about her fun afternoon playdate.  She was still high on the fun from the date.  It was great seeing her that way.

And in the back of my head, I realized how far away from kink I am right now.

She asked me later on what I did today. I had nothing, and I mentioned the whole kink comment I had thought.  She worried she had rubbed my nose in it.  Like I told her, I am too happy for her to worry about it right now.  And I am.  It’s my gig not her’s to worry about.

Plus, I’m trying hard not to think about the fact that tonight would have been our usual sleepover night.  Yeah, you can tell how well that is working out.

I guess the day has been like the weather.  Periods of sun between the showers.  But the showers outnumbered the shine.

A weird day.

What do you think?

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