Motivational Monday

I recently had a conversation with a friend about our mutual friend.  She is struggling hard in life right now – battling depression among other things.  She has been working for years – if you ask her – to overcome this stuff. But, it seems she is in this state of self-negotiation – “if I have this, then I know I can get better”.  At the end of the day – the truth is simple – she will never be able to change the situation if she refuses to confront it.  Going to counseling, taking her meds – they will not be enough if she refuses to confront the demons that plague her.  I wish she would do it.  But I cannot change her nor can I make her see it.  As she floats adrift, I hope she has that ah-ha moment she needs to get better – to get to a better place.  I should mention her story is not simply depression which is a symptom of the larger problem.  Confronting a situation head on is the only way to change it.  It’s hard – it’s ugly – it’s emotional – but it’s what is needed.  Good things never come easy.

The sad truth – but the truth none-the-less…..

As a former catcher, I know you have to be able to throw things back because sometimes the ball should never have come to you.  If you are too willing to catch everything you are thrown, you will get buried.  Throw it back to where it came.

Good thing to get in the habit of doing. Not easy but necessary.

What do you think?

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