Art, Road Trips, Beer and Cookies

This title summarizes the past 48 or so hours of my life.

Thursday was the art show I do at the local swinger’s club.  We did a great show of two artists with vastly different art styles that meshed well together.  Good stuff.  I was excited because of how it looked.  But I got even more excited because I got to share it with both G and SB.  I went from excited but exhausted from insomnia – to excited and content and feeling loved.  The show was great. I was on a high from the love and the energy and the 3 drinks they bought me.  Then Daddy and I went to have dinner together.  Our first time together in way too long.  We needed to reconnect – and reconnect we did.  Love that man.

The next morning, we got packed up, got the dog kenneled, got lunch, and loaded into the car for trip to Seattle.  Friday night was SEAF – and we were going to go see my photograph being shown.  We got to the hotel – no one died – then while G and Indigo went to get the most ginormous pizza I had seen.  I got dressed, then G got showered and ready to go.  We went and had a meal before the show, then showed up early as I wanted to see things before it got too crazy.

I felt like my photo held its own among the art.  I was worried it would be the weak little sister, if you will – but I felt pretty good about it.  We hung out, looked at art, and watched performances.  Our former latino pool boy (Derek) came too – and it was great fun hanging out with him.  We met a few of his friends who also were in the show.  Good stuff.  Oh, and the highlight of my night: meeting CoyPink!! Her signature hair made me chase her down just to ask if she was who I thought she was.  Just as gorgeous as I had always thought she was in her photos.  Awesome stuff.

The next morning, we woke up, drank coffee, and headed home.  We got home, got the dog, then went to see Trek in the Park.  Great performance with thousands of people in attendance.  Hard to believe the first few years they didn’t need mics, but now couldn’t be successful without it.

After it was done, I met up with a friend – showed up with beer and cookies because you should nibble as you drink.  She needed the giggles, the time together, and I got some good beer – so when I left she was pretty happy when I left.

What a crazy time!

The only thing I’m sad about …..that a miscommunication earlier in the week led to me not being with SB tonight.  There were two images I saw at SEAF that if I had the money would have purchased as they reminded me so much of SB, and when we sleep together.  There were images of legs entangled in each other and bedsheets.  I kept looking at those images and remembering how it is.  He was with me all night.

I need a night of curled up with him. Been way too long.  But it will be rectified!

So that has been my weekend.

And oh, this was my photo at SEAF….

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  1. Coy Pink says:

    It was *so* wonderful meeting you on Friday! I’m glad you came over to me. I would have been so sad if we had been that close to meeting and missed each other. Let me know if you’re ever in town again and have the time and desire to meet up.

    I agree that your photo did indeed hold it’s own at the show. The subject of your photo is clever and I like how you executed it. You should be proud!

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