Wednesday Wanderings

  • I did something yesterday I never, ever thought I would do. I listed “political unrest” as a risk to a project’s go-live.  When you are going live in countries where an election can create several weeks of political unrest, thereby disrupting business and the economy, well, it is indeed a risk.  I do applaud the company for doing business in so many of these countries where this is a risk.   But, wow!
  • I used to joke that our black lab mix would prefer to be an only dog.  It’s been a few weeks since Bob died, and I think he has a love/hate relationship with it.  He hates being alone.  Now most dogs do, but this one tended to like to be left alone.  Now, he curls up at our feet if we are sitting on the couch – if not curls up next to us.  He snuggles with Indigo when she is laying on the couch.  Just this morning, I found him curled up at the foot of our bed.  Poor guy is lonely.  He doesn’t have his partner in crime anymore.  It’s weird for us – but clearly he isn’t quite adjusted either. Poor guy.
  • The attack rabbit, as we call him, has been out with us more these days versus in his cage.  Last night, if he got scared, he’d come bounding back to the couch and hide behind me.  The girls have been complaining he has talons these days, so I clipped them.  And he let me.  No animal we have owned has let me clip their nails – even when done repeatedly.  The rabbit no longer has talons.  The girls thanked me.  And I fed him carrots for not killing me (or fighting me) while I did it.  Rabbits are funny creatures.
  • I’m about to enter the great few weeks of craziness.  DJ going one direction, Indigo going another and G going a third.  It’s going to take crazy coordination, but it’ll work out fine, I’m sure.  Just a few days there where I’ll be wondering what is up from down. Oh yeah, and trying to work too.  Ugh.
  • DJ and I went to go see The Go-Gos and the B52s on Sunday night.  It was awesome seeing my daughter singing along to all of the Go-Go songs while people around us only knew a few.  The highlight of the night was when they mixed up We’ve Got the Beat with Kiss’s I Wanna Rock and Roll.  Awesome!  The B52s….well, they got showed up by the Go-Gos. I’ve seen them better.  Overall, it was good spending that time with DJ.
  • Indigo and I went to the National Women’s Soccer League game Saturday night.  The Portland Thorn were playing against Boston.  I love the Thorn – great team, great following (12,000 attended Saturday’s game), and usually great play.  The first half was horrible.  Our keeper – LeBlanc – usually keeps everything out of the goal, but put her up against a world class scorer, and it isn’t so easy.  The second half saw some MUCH better play as they clearly got their shit together.  In the end, 20 shots and none found their way past the keeper.  Sad loss, but Indigo and I had fun.
  • Learning to play my ukulele is both a giggle and frustrating as I learn to strum one pattern and play different chords with the other hand.  I’ll get there, I know, but it’s still overall, a giggle, so …. win!

I think it’s a good day for both, don’t you?

Happy Wednesday!

What do you think?

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