Photo Walk with Daddy


Spent a wonderful afternoon with Daddy (SB) at the Chinese Gardens.  Yeah, US independence day, and we are at a Chinese garden. It was wonderful.  The weather was fabulous. Blue skies, perfect temperature, perfect breeze.  I love stepping inside the walls leaving the neighborhood behind and being transported in a tranquil space where you heard water gently falling over the rocks, where you smell the wonderful aroma of the jasmine and other flowers, and you can sit there by the pond and watch the water striders jumping across the surface of the water and onto lily pads as they chased each other.

And SB and I wandered through, hand in hand, looking at it all – sneaking kisses and just wallowing in each other’s energies.  Oh yeah, and I took some photos too.  It was such a great day – a great afternoon.  I loved taking that time and relaxing and exhaling. There is something about that place that just allows for a wonderful escape for a while.  I enjoy it – and more so, my company.

What do you think?

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