The Last 24

What an amazing 24hrs!!

1. Texas Senator Wendy Davis waged war against a horrible bill furthering restricting abortion laws in that state. Her 13-hr filibuster was cut short after Republicans got her on a point of order – a debatable point at that.  Didn’t matter because they missed the vote – and Gov Rick Perry declared it dead. Favorite quote: “Lawmakers, either get out of the vagina business or go to medical school.” YES! This!
2. US Supreme Court ruled DOMA unconstitutional.
3. US Supreme Court ruled PROP 8 was also struck drown.
So freaking awesome!  
Layer into the last 24hrs, and content evening of snark, Guinness and cuddles with Daddy.  Add in hot homemade bagels made by G and Indigo.  And a freaking perfect nap that almost made this fucking head cold thingy tolerable.  Yeah, the last 24hrs have been good.  
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Happy Hump Day!

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