Motivational Monday

Some people wear busy like a badge of honor.  What is funny is that usually if they would remove the constant glorification of busy, they may actually be able to get shit done and still exhale.  Think about it.  We are a society where we overschedule.  Knock it off! It’s not a fucking race.  Smell the roses.  Simplify instead of making it worse by adding more.  When we don’t have time to day dream, we lose ourselves.  Don’t get sucked into it.
People try to force things because “they are tired of being alone”.  Don’t fall into that trap. Live and be happy and guess what, it will happen when you don’t need it.  It happens because it’s right.

Don’t view rejection as a negative. View it as it is – a foreshadowing that something better is coming.  Each time I have found myself “rejected” for something, I have always ended up with something better.  Every single time.  Don’t view it as a negative – view it as a sign.
Happy Monday!

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