Motivation Monday

I recall when I started in the workplace, the big trend was to call a problem “an opportunity”.  This to change the way we looked at it.  A problem is negative. An opportunity brought forth positive thinking, creativity and people who wanted the chance to solve it.  Sometimes something that minor – a change of wording – can change the way we look at things.  Change our attitude.  Hell, whatever works is what I say!

I recall this moment vividly.  Funny how at the time, I felt good but horrible.  Don’t question your gut.  It may bring forth feelings you don’t like initially but it is probably right.  You deserve better.
Sometimes saying nothing is a more powerful statement than say anything.  Sometimes say nothing helps you get beyond things better than anything.  Don’t downplay silence as bad. It’s usually just the opposite.
So very true.  

What do you think?

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