Just Normal Conversations in Our House….

“I want to drink out of a penis cup!!”

-DJ after hearing someone mention a penis cup at a bachelorette party
“Foreskin – the ultimate scrunchy!”
-G and DJ discussing a classroom discussion
“Basically treat it like she’s the dirtiest thing ever!”
-G to DJ about her taekwondo bag
“Spank it’s ass and pull it’s hair?”
-Me in response to his comment.
“Sadly, I did not get a penis cup.”
-DJ when she asked me to guess what she bought from Amazon
“I don’t think I ever want to go to your house.”
-One of DJ’s classmates after learning that sex is talked about openly in our house
“Are you standing in the front yard, naked, and wrapped in a blanket?”
“Yeah, so?” – Me to Indigo – the nudist child
“Wonder if you can make a scarf made out of foreskins – then you can rub it when you want a blanket.”
– DJ asking G after he taught circumcision in class
“There really isn’t anyone normal in your family, is there?”
-One of DJ’s classmates to which DJ laughed and G answered….
“The cat is normal….”

….the bunny definitely isn’t…..

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