I’m leaving

….or I’m in the process of leaving, rather.

If you are on twitter, you have heard the buzz among bloggers who blog of the adult nature.  The short story – if you ID as a blog with adult content AND have ads with adult content – you must remove the adult ads prior to 30June or lose your blog.

I wish I could say this is the first time Google has gone after content, but it isn’t.  I recall a few years ago bloggers getting in trouble if they did not have their “adult content warning” on.

Even though, I don’t sell ad space to anyone – I don’t like the idea that one day, I could be caught short because my content is no longer welcome.  Google’s Blogger app is free. I get that. But for them to change policies like this when they, as a company, don’t care in other aspects if adult content exists…..well, I have some issues with that.

So, I’m going to take my hosting elsewhere.  You see, I like writing. I love being able to scream into the ether when I feel the need. I like being able to talk to people who I don’t know.  I need to have an outlet for what is inside.  I have never viewed blogging as “how many people can I get to follow me” but as a way for me to express myself – to be me.  And that has not changed.

So, I spent the money – paid attention to the offer from DreamHost on their twitter acct (hello – 25% off shared hosting) and registered a domain.

We shall see how long it takes for me to move.  Just be on the lookout for it to come.  I’m packing up my boxes, remodeling the new place, and will throw a house warming party soon.

Until then, this is my plan.

Yay Google for kicking me in the ass to just do it already.

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  1. Hubman says:

    I’m looking forward to the house warming party!

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