A Ukulele

I want a ukulele.  

Or at least that’s what my subconscious has decided. I keep having dreams about shopping for a ukulele.  And not finding that any of them are right.  People trying to tell me what I need – but me declining and going to a different store.  
I woke up obsessed with needing a ukulele.  
Of all things to “need”.  
There is a dream dictionary site I will visit sometimes when I have crazy images show up in dreams – but I thought “why would they have a definition for a ukulele?” But they do and they did.  Holy crap.
I guess it symbolizes relaxation, a break away from things – a vacation, if you will.  And the fact I was searching for one in my dream – well, I think that says it all.
This week has sucked. It has begun to feel like a bad country song …..
Job sucks, dog died…..the only thing left to have happen is for one of my loves to leave and something happen to my truck (thank goodness I don’t have a truck).  Oh and I can’t forget the hay fever I seem to be fighting.  Fucking allergies. 
A bad country song set to the jaunty tune of a ukulele.
I am trying  to not let it pull me under but at the same time not fight the people trying to pull me out of the wake of this bad week (a real issues at times.)  But I really feel done – with myself, my emotions, my week.  
Maybe I do need a ukulele.  It would make me laugh at least.  And maybe, as I figure out how to play it, I can find that peace, the break from the bad, and I can find the good – the balance again.
I really need to find one.

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  1. Chapter Two says:

    that is how I felt about a guitar. i really do think it symbolized a freedom that I wanted/needed. time to sit and strum…. but guess what? I bought the guitar and had no time to practice. now it is one more thing to feel bad about and to dust (more work) ugh. I do think playing a stringed instrument is one of the best abilities to have though

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