A Summary of My Monday & Tuesday – By the Numbers

2 nights in a hotel.
1 wonderful view of the ocean.
3 beers each on the patio as we waited for our room.
4 – average number of ibuprofen we were taking at a time to combate the sunburn pain.
3 bottles of wine we consumed Monday night post-play.
12 rabbits we saw converge at dusk in a weird sort of rabbit-convention
9 blimps that we learned would fit into the blimp hanger we visited.
6 – number of para-gliders we saw as we were driving along the ocean front
127 – number of photos I took while there.
It was a great time away.
I’m a happy, blessed girl.
With a Daddy who loves me – and who I love.
I’ll be grinning for days.

What do you think?

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