Wednesday Wanderings Thru Emmy’s Brain….

1. How many times can the idiots I work with break the damn coffee machine?  Apparently, once a day (in the early morning, of course) every day over the past two weeks.  I think we brought on board a new person who is unable to push the buttons without playing with the thing.  Not a good way to start the day when you are rushing to get to a meeting and don’t have time to grab a cup.  

2. After major fuck ups from my team, we took three more countries live.  The other three were pushed out.  I guess our system cannot handle the additional users.  200 users is too much – for a company with over 20,000 people worldwide.  Not much more I need to say about that – as I’m sure the appropriate WTF is being thought – and I have no good explanation.
3. No good deed goes unpunished shines through again.  More work landed on my lap today.  Good times.  Because managing 20 projects isn’t enough.  But, to quote the big boss of our team – “we don’t have anyone else we can trust.”  Sigh.
4. Our yellow lab has hit that point where we are now wondering when is the right time for the end.  Too many things are happening and all due to old age.  Poor guy.  And as he gets worse, we worry we are not doing enough – we are not being good dog parents.  It’s so hard at this point.  Wanting a concrete way to say “it’s time to let him pass in peace” and knowing there is nothing concrete about it.  Sigh.
5. On a more positive note, it’s supposed to be 80 starting tomorrow and through the weekend.  Good stuff.  
6. Oh and happy May Day!   It’s time for suckling country pleasures.  Click here to understand it.  And go read the damn poem too! It’s also at that link.  
7. Have you ever had one of those moments where you realize how good life is?  Yeah, I’ve been having one of those moments – for the past  week especially where the feeling is overwhelmingly – wow.  I have great men in my life – my husband and my other love.  The kids are great.  Work is good.  Life is wonderful.  I can’t help but smile – a lot – for a lot of different reasons.  
And on that note….
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