"Anything Can Happen" Thursday

….And it did….

So, I was too busy to post something earlier – but I awoke to an email that I had to read five times then get G to verify I was reading it right…..

We are delighted to inform you that you have been selected to exhibit in the 2013 Seattle Erotic Art Festival.  Your work was among the 12% chosen from 1,500+ submissions received from almost 500 artists.
Holy FUCK!
I am blown away.  Two shows I have submitted photographs to in the past six months – and both shows had photos accepted. Wow. 
Needless to say, coffee was not needed this morning as I was bouncing off the walls and still am. 
Now begins the printing nightmare.  I mean, the printing fun.  Now that I know of a good printer, it shouldn’t be too bad.  But still.  I’m picky with how the photos look.  
Ok – now try to work some more.
Between this news, the fact I slept like crap, and the fact I’m seeing SB tonight – I am all over the place.  Focus is not being had.
Oh yeah, and it’s supposed to get to 77 degree today.
Today is a good day.

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  1. Dana says:


  2. Great work Emmy, see you can take a decent photo after all…lol

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