Wednesday Ramblings

I heard on the radio during my commute about this story.  Guy uses steroids (and a blow dryer?) to fool someone into thinking the ferret is a poodle.  I wanted to badly to see photos.  Steroid or not the body shape of a ferret is no like a dog.  Then I saw the photos – and giggled.  Glad it was a vet that told the poor guy.  In other news, I have a bridge to sell him, so send him my way.
I liked this guy’s creativity.  G suggested I use it at work.  I told him I just want a sign that says “if asked a yes/no question, please respond with a yes or no because I truly don’t care why or what happened to get to that answer.”  
My computer at work likes morning blow jobs.  Each morning, it gives me a fan error until I go to the IT guy with his can o’ air, and we blow it.  Then my computer merrily starts up just fine.  I guess my laptop is male?
It’s kind of interesting having a brother who I’m out to – if you will.  He pinged me yesterday asking if it would be too late of notice if he came into town and stayed with us for a night or two.  I told him no problem – why? I will still do my thing – and I don’t have to hide it. Double win!  
I love email flame wars at work. Cheap entertainment – just add popcorn and a beer.  The latest one is between a release manager and testing.  It really is too bad that neither side can see the guy they really need to be going after – the dev manager.  If I get bored later, maybe I’ll toss that out there. You know – to help. 
Happy Hump Day!

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