An Erotic Trigger


I laid back into bed – getting comfortable – with the overwhelming desire to cum. Never being one to deny myself a chance to masturbate, I settled in for the act.

I went to my favorite erotica site – looking for something to read instead of letting my imagination wander. I came across an interesting story by chance.

A story about a man – a Daddy – who decides to claim his girl. As I started reading the opening of the story, my fingers spread between my nether lips, finding my clit hard and ready. I began to circle my clit slowly as I read the words.

The story was typical in some ways. A dominant man taking control over a more submissive woman. The control – the power exchange – the reluctance to play along – all typical themes.

As I read further, my fingers continued to stroke my clit in a rhythm that would allow me to build slowly – enjoy me to savor the orgasm when it came versus rushing it.

He grabbed her by her hair and shoved her to her knees. ‘Take out my cock and suck it,’ he commanded.‘That’s right. Take more of my big cock into your mouth – suck Daddy hard,’ he told her as he grabbed her hair and pushed her head down further on his cock.

In that moment, the story was gone.  It was I who was on my knees before my own Daddy. I was looking up at him as I licked my lips and took his cock – my Daddy’s cock into my mouth. I sucked it as far as I could before letting it slide out of my mouth again. 

I sucked his cock back into my mouth – trying to take more of Daddy’s cock into it but finding myself unable to take it all. I look up once more, and see his eyes looking down at me. “Suck me hard.” he commands – and I work hard to fulfill his command.

‘Enough! On the bed, on all fours – stick your ass out for me – that’s right – be a good girl. Now I am going to teach my dirty slut what she deserves.”  He spanked her ass hard, over and over again before coming behind her.  He grabbed hold of her hair and yanked her head back. And then he rammed half of his cock up her ass. “Yes, bitch, you will learn to take my fucking cock in your ass!”

My ass was high in the air, pushed back to my Daddy.  I could feel him spread my checks – examining his target – touching my cunt.  A small ‘mmm’  told me he was happy to find me juicy and wet.  Then, I could feel him lining up his cock to my ass and shove hard into my ass.  I buried my face into the pillow as I let our a loud moan, almost a scream, as his cock stretched me wide.  Once buried completely inside me, he asked “Do like you like Daddy’s cock in your ass?”  “Yes Daddy!”  And with my response, he began spanking my ass as he fucked my ass hard.  The only time he stopped his assault on my ass was when he reached down to grab a handful of hair before shoving his cock deep into my ass again.

My fingers on my clit moved faster.  I no longer saw words on the screen, but only the image in my head.  I could almost feel him sodomizing me as he spanked my ass hard.  I could almost feel his hand in my hair.  I could feel myself clamp down as I would if his cock was in my ass.  My breath quickened right before a cry of release escaped my lips as my back arched and I came hard.

I lay their slowly circling my clit – barely touching it as I rode out the aftershocks.  My eyes were closed as the scene in my head faded out – and I breathed heavy trying to come back down from the hard orgasm.

We often think of triggers as bad things – things that trigger a bad memory or bad emotion.

Instead, I was triggered in a good way.  A way that allowed me to piece together various memories into my own story – our own story.  A story I could play in my head – a story better than anything that could be written because it is ours.

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  1. Chapter Two says:

    meep…wow! luckily I already came tonight, or I might now have a problem! phew!

  2. Tom says:

    Wow… I think your story was better than the story you were reading! Intense.

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