The Art of Asking


It’s funny how I had seen Amanda Palmer as part of Neil Gaiman’s discussions online.  I knew they were married.  Yet, I had never heard their music until SB played her singing a Rocky Horror song.  I downloaded an album and fell in love.

I follow her on Twitter. I had seen her angst as she was trying to write her TED speech.  I saw her flood the feed with retweets of encouragement people gave her when she was nervous.  I saw her feelings after the speech.  And I couldn’t wait to hear her speech.

Yeah, I now have a girl crush. It is an amazing speech – the art of asking – the art of not being shamed by asking.  An amazing concept.  I truly want her to sleep on my couch or, hell, in my bed.  What an amazingly grounded person.  I guess I am not surprised given she gave up touring to take care of a friend battling cancer.  Kinda shows you the cut of the woman.

Watch her speech.  Think about it.  Maybe, at the least, it will keep you from yelling “get a job” at a street performer.

So I leave you with one of my favorite songs….one is the important word there….

What do you think?